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20 Medical Technology Scholarships to Consider

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Thanks to non-stop research and innovation, the healthcare field enjoys rapid growth projections higher than the national average. As the need for skilled professionals grows, driven individuals continue to emerge to fill these roles.

With a 13 percent growth projection between 2021 to 2031 and millions of new jobs expected to be created within that period, these positions will remain available for interested individuals for a long time.

Clinical laboratory technology and healthcare are among the most exciting fields, with just as impressive projections and salary.

Kickstarting a Career as a Medical Technologist

A career as a medical technologist comes with more than excellent job security and an impressive salary. It also opens the door to several prestigious career paths and helps candidates gain invaluable skills and expertise.

Suppose you would like to kickstart a career as a medical technologist but need to know how to handle the substantial tuition. In that case, you’ll be glad to see that securing a scholarship is possible and significantly reducing your education cost.

We have listed these scholarship programs below to help you get started. Geography, schools, region, and demographics sort our list.

General Medical Technology Scholarships

1. The AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship Program

  • Amount - $3000

This program was created in 2009 to support students seeking a healthcare career. The scholarship is awarded every year.

Applicants must be applying for full-time college programs or already in one. Application is made online with two letters of recommendation.

2. Varian Radiation Therapy Advancement Scholarship

  • Amount - $2,500 to $5,000

The ASRT Foundation awards the Varian Radiation Therapy Advancement Scholarship for students interested in radiation therapy and other medical technology careers.

It was created to honor Eileen McCullough, a pioneer of radiation therapy education.

3. Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship

  • Amount - $4,000

This scholarship is available to students pursuing nuclear medicine, radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, and sonography degrees.

4. ASCP Foundation Laboratory Student Scholarship

  • Amount - $1,000

The American Society of Clinical Pathology awarded this scholarship to help undergraduate and graduate students in medical laboratory courses.

5. Foundation of Surgical Technology Scholarship

  • Amount - Pays tuition or educational debt.

This scholarship is available to students interested in surgical technology. To qualify, students must “show academic ability and financial need” and prove that they have been accepted into a surgical technology training program.

Medical Technology Scholarships by School

6. Mary Eileen Leonard Clinical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship

  • School - Trident Technical College
  • Amount - $1000 average

The fund offers more than 145 scholarships to Trident Technical College with varying amounts. It was established by the colleagues and friends of Ms. Mary Leonard as a recognition of her dedication to clinical laboratory science.

7. Christine Marmo Birney Memorial Scholarship

  • School - Wayne State College
  • Amount - Flexible

Offered by Wayne State College’s Life Sciences department, this scholarship is available for students interested in medical technology fields, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, and medicine.

8. Ophthalmic Medical Technology Scholarship

  • School - Portland Community College
  • Amount - $1000

Portland Community College is the only school in the West that provides specialized associate degree training in fields subsets of medical technology.

Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and have already taken two program terms to qualify.

9. Nicholas Koussa Memorial Scholarship

  • School - Wright State University
  • Amount - Flexible

This scholarship is available to Wright State University students in Dayton, Ohio. They must also be interested in clinical laboratory science programs and have a 3.0 GPA.

10. John Holloway Undergraduate Scholarship

  • School - Arizona State University
  • Amount - $1000

Established in honor of John Holloway, an Emeritus Professor, this scholarship helps a student pursue a degree in the School of Molecular Sciences every year. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA to qualify.

11. PCC Foundation Scholarships

  • School - Portland Community College
  • Amount - $1000 average

Created by the Portland Community College Foundation, this scholarship assists specific fields. It pays for tuition, books, or associated fees.

12. Larry Elliott Scholarship

  • School - Western Kentucky University
  • Amount - $500

This scholarship is available to students pursuing full-time programs at the Biology Department of Western Kentucky University. They must be majoring in medical technology.

Medical Technology Scholarships by Region

13. Christie Foundation Health Education Scholarship

  • Region - East Central Illinois
  • Amount - Flexible

This scholarship assists students living in the Champaign County area of Illinois. Its annual gifts total $125,000.

Students who have won the scholarships have gone on to study pharmacology, nursing, and nutrition, among others.

14. Victor A. Baylon Memorial Scholarship

  • Region - Racine or Milwaukee Counties
  • Amount - $1000 and above

This scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Victor Baylon, a pathologist in the Racine area. To qualify for the scholarship, students must live in Racine or Milwaukee counties and attend an accredited medical school of medical technologists or clinical library scientists.

15. Naugatuck Valley Medical Scholarship Fund

  • Region - Naugatuck Valley Area of Connecticut
  • Amount - Flexible

Created to help graduating high school students in the Naugatuck Valley Area who wish to pursue a career in medical technology, this scholarship requires a minimum of 3.5 GPA and a copy of the student’s SAT or ACT score sheet.

Students must also provide a copy of their transcripts.

16. Dr. Guido Wilhelm Medical Scholarship

  • Region - Henry County, Indiana
  • Amount - Flexible

The Dr. Guido Wilhelm Medical Scholarship was founded in 1994 and focused on students from Henry County, Indiana, who want to pursue a career in any medical field.

It belongs to a broader trust by the Henry County Community Foundation, created for philanthropic purposes.

17. Alfred P. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

  • Region - Trident Technical College
  • Amount - $3,500 for four scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior or alumnus of a high school in the Hamilton community area. They must be pursuing a career in the healthcare field at an accredited institution.

The Hamilton Community Foundation created the scholarship as part of their $200,000 yearly scholarship package for students in the area.

Medical Technology Scholarships by Demographic

18. Royce Osborn Minority Student Scholarship

  • Amount - $4,000 each

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists offered this scholarship to encourage students to start a career in magnetic resonance, radiology, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine.

It is only available to ASRT members.

19. Udall Undergraduate Scholarship in Native Care

  • Amount - $7,000 for 55 scholarships

Created by the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation, this scholarship supports eligible sophomores and students who are Native Americans or Alaska natives.

Only those who pursue a two-year or four-year course in medical health, environmental conservation, and Indian policy qualify.

20. Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship

  • Amount - $850

Lastly, the Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship, created by the Danish Sisterhood of America, offers post-high school or graduate students $850 to pursue a degree in nursing or other medical professions.

Applicants must be members of the Danish Sisterhood or a child of one. They must also have a grade point average of at least 3.0.